BLUESIL FLD 47V350 储存温度要介于 -20°C / -4°F 和 50°C / 122°F 之间,从生产日期开始产品保质 36 个月请查看安全数据表欧盟《报废车辆指令》;欧盟食品接触材料法规;全球有机纺织品认证标准;国际环保纺织协会标准;药典;欧盟《电气、电子设备中限制使用某些有害物质指令》;挥发份;欧盟《报废电子电气设备指令》


BLUESIL FLD 47 V 50 to 47 V 1000 are straight chained polydimethylsiloxanic fluids.





BLUESIL FLD 47 V 50 to 47 V 1000 have the following properties:

  • Very good resistance to high and low temperature.
  • Good combustion resistance.
  • Good dielectric properties.
  • Low surface tension.
  • High compressibility.
  • Absence of ageing upon exposure to atmospheric agents.
  • Good oxidation resistance.
  • Little change in viscosity with temperature.
  • Good resistance to high and prolonged shear stress.


BLUESIL FLD 47 V 50 to 47 V 1000 are used as:

  • Thermostatic fluids (– 50 °C to + 200 °C).
  • Dielectric fluids (impregnation of paper for condensers).
  • Anti-blotting products for photocopying machines.
  • Thinning and plastifying agents for RTV’s and silicone sealants.
  • Lubricating and heat protecting agents for textile threads (synthetic sewing threads).
  • Ingredients in maintenance products (polishes, wax polishes, floor and furniture polishes, etc.).
  • Paint additives (anti-cratering, anti-floating/flooding and anti-scratching effects, etc.).
  • Water repellent treatment :
    - of powders (for paints and plastics),
    - of fibres : glass fibres.
  • Release agents (mould release of plastics and metal castings).
  • Lubricants (lubrication of elastomers or plastics on metals).
  • Surfactants for styrene-butadiene foam.






粘度350MonocompNF T 76102mm2/s