1. Electrical applications
BLUESIL RES 8152P is normally applied to glass braids and sleeving by dip coating. It should therefore be pre-diluted in an aromatic solvent (toluene or xylene for example) to a concentration of 25 to 30% solids.

Curing may be accelerated by adding 0.5 to 1% of a functional silane such as aminoethyl, y-aminopropyl trimethoxysilane to the resin.

After impregnation, coating braids
and sleeving are baked in a hot-air tunnel or tower at:
- 80 - 100°C for the first zone,
- 100 - 150°C for the medial zone,
- 220°C approx. for the last zone.

The dipping time is typically around 10 minutes.
Impregnation is obtained by successive coatings; as a general rule, 3 to 4 layers of diluted resin solution, followed by a final layer of undiluted resin.

2 - Paint application
For good adhesion of the paint on the substrate, the surface to be coated first should be sandblasted. The painted piece will need baking before handling.

Curing can be carried out at time of use (in which case, the coating should be protected during storage), or, if possible, the piece should be heat-cured (30 min to 1 hour at 250-300°C) immediately after application of the paint.
In the case of thick coatings, it is advisable to bring the temperature to 300°C in stages in order to avoid blistering.

BLUESIL RES 8152P 储存温度介于 -20°C / -4°F 和 30°C / 86°F 之间时,从生产日期开始产品保质 18 个月



BLUESIL RES 8152P is a 50% solids methylphenylsilicone resin in Toluene solution.
This resin is designed to formulate heat resistant coatings for industrial applications with improved weatherability.




  • High temperature resistance (up to 600°C) when used in combination with suitable temperature-stable fillers and pigments.
  • High flexibility.
  • Low viscosity facilitating impregnation.
  • Excellent dielectric properties.



  • Impregnation of glass-cloth braids, flexible sleeving and braided cables for electrical applications. BLUESIL RES 8152P is also suitable for the manufacture of flexible insulating materials.
  • Manufacture of industrial heat-resistant coatings exposed to a continuous working-temperature of 400 to 600°C, with improved weatherability.






粘度165MonocompNF T 76102mm2/s