Parts A and B components of SILBIONE HCRA 4170 A/B HC are designed to be mixed in equal parts by weight or volume using standard rubber processing techniques such as two roll milling. For optimum results, freshen both parts separately on the two roll mill before mixing them. Do not allow the material temperature to exceed 30°C during the milling. The mixed material should be used within two hours to prevent structuring and premature crosslinking. Molding is typically 10 minutes at 120°C or 3 minutes at 165°C.

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SILBIONE® HCRA 4170 A/B HC is a two-part, addition-cure, platinum catalyzed silicone elastomer designed for use in processes where high strength molded parts or extruded profiles are desired. It is formulated for rapid cure in transfer and compression molds and in short-dwell vulcanizing ovens for extrusion processes. SILBIONE ® HCRA 4170 A/B HC is formulated to meet the requirements of USP Class VI.




• No volatile cure by-products

• Optional post cure

• Non-tacky surface

• Non-blooming

• No peroxide residue

 • Molded or extruded medical parts for <30 day implantation

• Healthcare applications: stoppers, plungers, seals, needle entry ports, tubing





比重1.17MonocompISO 1183
延伸率> 500MonocompASTM D 412%