SILBIONE RTV LUBRICANT is supplied as a one-part solution. This solution may be applied to surfaces by dipping, wiping, or spraying. Prior to application, the solution should be diluted to achieve the desired coating thickness in one application. A solution containing less than five percent of the active silicone is usually desirable. A dry coating of about two microns has been found to be suitable for lubrication. The solution can be diluted by addition of dry aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones and lower alcohols. Solvent selection will determine the solution's ability to wet out the substrate to be coated. A mixture of isopropyl alcohol and Stoddard solvents is commonly used. Experimentation is recommended to determine the optimum dilution to achieve the desired coating thickness. If clouding occurs upon dilution, alter the solvent mixture until clearing occurs. Slight clouding of fresh diluted solution should not affect ultimate product performance. In the presence of water, SILBIONE RTV LUBRICANT hydrolyzes rapidly. SILBIONE RTV LUBRICANT cures at room temperature when a thin film is exposed to moisture in the air after solvent evaporation. Only partial cure occurs and a cohesive waxy film results. The optimum cure should be based on product performance testing. A thin film cures in about 24 hours at room temperature, 24ºC (75ºF). Cure can be accelerated by mild temperature increase, such as 40ºC (104ºF), at a relative humidity of about 50 percent. High humidity (50%) may slow the cure time. Adhesion, lubricity and cohesive properties will continue to improve for 7 to 10 days at room temperature.

请保存在原装密闭容器中 SILBIONE RTV LUBRICANT 的标准有效期是从生产日期起 24个月 请参考包装上的储存建议和失效日期。超期后,埃肯有机硅将不再保证产品符合销售规范。



SILBIONE RTV LUBRICANT is a solution containing 30 percent active silicone ingredients in mixed aliphatic and isopropanol solvents. The active silicone is an aminofunctional dimethylsiloxane copolymer. The polar nature of the aminofunctional group and the air cure of the silicone cause thin films to deposit and adhere to metal and plastics for lubricity on surfaces. The dispersion can be easily applied from dilute solvent solutions and cures on air exposure at room temperature to form an invisible coating.

SILBIONE RTV LUBRICANT is supplied as a one component system and is an excellent lubricant for cutting edges. It can be used on razor blades, scalpels, hypodermic needles and other applications where a partially cured cohesive silicone coating is required. For most applications, the resultant coating is more durable than simple polydimethylsiloxane.